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This is a fairly large Caern with a minimum of 6 packs plus the Guardian pack operating at all times. It’s largely Fianna and Glasswalker, though the Bone Gnawers and Children of Gaia have a presence too.

The Pack has met members of two other packs, though they haven’t got the names of any of them (I don’t think.)

One pack is made up of Black Furies and Children of Gaia. They are all female. This pack keeps an eye on Freya to try to reduce the amount that she gets picked on, especially some of the more vile ways that some Garou are prone to ‘picking’ on a Metis.

The other pack they’ve met is a group of Bone Gnawers and Shadow Lords. This pack is prone to rash action and is rather belligerent towards the current leadership, though never overtly.

Boston Commons

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