Werewolf in Boston

Werewolf in Boston is a Werewolf the Apocalypse game set mainly in Boston. While the actual date is unknown until it becomes important, technology is approximately 2000ish. I’m using moon charts starting with January 2000, if you’re looking to figure out the calendar in game. We’ll be playing up through the end times, hopefully, which will span approximately 12 years of game time.

The pack has formed, though a name is unknown. They’ve met some of the key folks of the Sept in Boston and are off on a cleanup mission against the 7th Generation. The pack consists of a Homid Glasswalker, a Metis Fianna and a Lupus Uktena.

The pack continues to struggle mightily against the 7th Generation. Time will tell…

All known information about characters met can be found under characters, similar with items.

Werewolf in Boston

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